Q    1.What products do you supply?
A    We supply door handles, door hinges, door locks, door cylinders, door stoppers, door closers, hardware related to doors in different materials and colors.
Q    2.Do you have different quality?

    Usually we offer good quality to our clients as we always think good quality allows us develop fast and achieve success.
   While if your market really can’t accept good quality with high prices, we can offer medium quality to you to meet the market requirement.
Q    3.Can you guarantee prices for future reorders?

    As you may know, hardware business is really with little profit. The prices are influenced by raw material prices and exchange rate.
    We have to adjust the prices accordingly if the raw material prices and exchange rate differ much (over 2%)
Q    4.What’s your MOQ?

    Zamac door handles: 500 sets/item
   Aluminum door handles: 1000 sets/item
   SS door handles: 500 sets/item
   SS hinge: 1000 pairs/size
   Steel hinge: 3000 pairs/size
   Brass hinge: 1000 pairs/size
   Lock bodies: 3000 pcs/item
   Brass cylinders: 1000 pcs/size
   Aluminum cylinders: 3000 pcs/size/color
   Door stoppers: 1000 pcs/item
   Door closers: 500 pcs/item
Q    5.Can we negotiate MOQ?
A    Usually we require MOQ for easier production. If you really can’t meet our MOQ, we will try our best to make the first order for you.
Q    6.Can you give us your price list?

    We don’t have price list for you. As you could see, we have hundreds of items. The prices are influenced by raw material prices and also exchange rate.
    Therefore, we kindly ask you to tell us your interested item no. and then we quote our prices to you accordingly.
Q    7.What’s your payment term?
A    30% T/T in advance, 70% T/T before shipment
Q    8.Can I have better payment terms?

    Our company has strict regulation for the new client for the payment term: 30% T/T in advance, 70% T/T before shipment. We need to buy raw material in cash for every order.
    The profit is very small for hardware business, so we need to keep such payment term for our business running! When our cooperation become closer, we will consider better payment term for you, ok?
Q    9.Can I put my logo in the products?
A    Yes, of course. We can put the logo to your order according to your design. We will make several samples for you and you can choose the best.
Q    10.Can I have my box design for my order?
A    Yes, of course. As long as your order quantity reaches to our standard quantity, we can make the box according to your design for your order free; otherwise, extra charge will be added.
Q    11.Can I have free samples?
A    Yes, you can have free samples, but we kindly ask you to pay the express charge.
Q    12.Can I buy only few pcs?
A    No, we only export, and the production is according to each order, so there is no stock to sell few pcs to you.
Q    13.Can you supply me other products than your current ones?
A    Yes, we can try our best to help you to supply other products for you. While you need to give us the detailed information and specification for the products.
Q   14.Can I make any modification to your models?
A    Yes, we can make toolings according to your modification.
Q   15.Can you make the product according to my sample?
A    Yes, we can make toolings according to your samples and make the products for you.
Q   16.Can you export directly?
A    Yes, we export directly through our own company.
Q   17.Can I visit you when I am in China?
A    Yes, of course. You are warmly welcome to visit us!
Q   18.What’s your delivery time?
A    It depends on your order. Usually 2 months is needed
Q   19.If I pay deposit to you, how can I be assured?
A    We are a company who take credit and reputation as our life, and we are well known in the hardware business for over 10 years. Do you think we will take the risk to spoil our credit and reputation to take your deposit?
Q   20.Can I combine shipping with other suppliers?
A    Yes, of course you can. We can help you with everything that we can do for you.